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An examination of in-house life in the beauty industry

KRISTY SILBERT, the General Counsel and Company Secretary of Laser Clinics Australia, gives a very insightful interview for the Corporate Counsel Show. 

She gives a great snapshot of what it is like to be a legal counsel in the beauty industry in Australia, including the unique challenges they face and also the issues they encounter which are common to other industries. Kristy also gives some good advice for junior lawyers looking to move into an in-house role in the beauty industry. 

Kristy Silbert is definitely an experienced legal counsel, and it shows with the practical insights she provides on working as in-house lawyer. Kristy does encounter some unique scenarios that would likely only be encountered in the beauty sector, such as fat freezing. 

However, a number of issues that Kristy must deal with are also equally applicable to other regulated industries. This includes getting customers to sign waivers and concerns over franchise agreements. As well, Kristy discusses the common issues that have come out of the Royal Commissions and the recent scrutiny over the franchise industry. 

This is a great interview to listen to for anyone looking to move into an in-house role. For a variety of reasons, many lawyers are seeking to ultimately secure an in-house role in Australia. However, many young lawyers are not sure how to go about accomplishing this objective. As such, it is very helpful to have an experienced in-house lawyer and General Counsel, like Kristy, give some useful advice.

The full audio recording of the interview can be found here.


Credit to Author: Contessa Pizanias, Lawyers Weekly

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