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Job Support

Jobsupport is the leading employment service in Australia for people with intellectual disability. Established in 1986 it began as a demonstration project for the Federal Government to show that people with a significant intellectual disability could achieve open employment. Presently, Jobsupport have the highest job placement and job retention rates for job seekers with intellectual disability in Australia and support over 830 employers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

Carlyle Kingswood Global has experienced first hand the care and effort Jobsupport take in placing people, through the hiring of our Office Assistant, Charlie Soulsby in May 2018. They not only take the time to undergo a detailed job analysis and provide in-depth onsite training, but also continue to support both the individual and the organisation that person is placed with, through regular maintenance visits.

Charlie has been a fantastic addition to our team and continues to make a positive impact on everyone in the office each day he is with us. He has a great work ethic and impeccable manners, is dedicated to completing all his daily tasks and is always eager to learn new tasks on our database!

​If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved and support this great organisation, please visit their website at