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The Green Tech Crowd

The Green Tech Crowd offers to take companies ex-lease and unwanted IT e-waste, professionally wipe it of all sensitive data and through their links to charities, schools and projects, they then get this equipment to people who desperately need it.  Aligning themselves with the UN 17 goals for sustainable development, The Green Tech Crowd have donated countless devices to charities at home in Australia and across Asia.

Carlyle Kingswood Global has donated surface pros along with desktops which were given to the School for Life Foundation. Instead of sending these computers to be wiped as disgarded as e-waste, we would much rather donate these to the disadvanataged or less fortunate and see them being used, especially if they are still in a reasonable condition.

The Green Tech Crowd goes out of it's way to make the donation of the laptops and desktops as seamless as possible and ensures that all equipment is wiped so that there are no security risks to the donating company. 

​If you would like to learn more about how you can get involved and support this great organisation, please check them out on instagram or their website:


The Green Tech Crowd