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10 Questions to assess your current situation and target your future efforts

LET'S START THIS FRESH calendar year with some tricky and difficult questions. When asking these business development questions, challenge yourself to take a frank and realistic approach to evaluating the progress, success or otherwise, of your business.

Thrashing out answers to these questions will also help you highlight achievements, identify gaps and shortfalls, and focus your efforts (time and money) for the financial year. Use the following list to stimulate debate and (ideally) garner consensus with key players within your firm.


Agenda - 10 questions to assess your current situation and target your future efforts:

  • What is our largest business development challenge?

  • How are we dealing with it?

  • How long have we had the problem?

  • What have we done to address it?

  • How is it impacting the firm?

  • What is it costing us?

  • If it continues, what will the effect on the business be?

  • What are we good at and should do more of?

  • What are we poor at and must stop doing?

  • What will we do differently tomorrow to ensure we hit our business development, financial and wider goals?


Don’t underestimate the power of work-shopping these issues as a group. These questions will help you focus, prioritise, and get back on the rails. Simple questions can be a great catalyst for clarity and change.


Credit to Author: Alistair Marshall, Professional Services, Business Development, 3 February 2019

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